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Vol. 5 No. 1-2 (2019): Int J Mag Part Imag

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Remote Detection of Magnetic Signals with a Compact Atomic Magnetometer Module Towards Human MRI–MPI Hybrid Systems

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Takenori Oida (Kyoto University), Kentaro Kato (Kyoto University), Yosuke Ito (Kyoto University), Tetsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto University)


This study demonstrates the possibility of remotely detecting magnetic fields generated from superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles using a compact optically pumped atomic magnetometer (OPAM) module with a flux transformer (FT) during the development of magnetic resonance imaging–magnetic particle imaging (MRI–MPI) hybrid systems. Results of previous studies particularly demonstrated odd harmonics of the magnetic nanoparticle (MNP) signals. In addition, studies have demonstrated that the magnitude of odd harmonics was proportional to the quantity of magnetic nanoparticles, and the minimum MNP quantity can possibly be estimated from signal measurements. In conclusion, experimental results suggested that MNP signals from the Resovist solution with Fe of 0.01 µmol could be detected using a compact OPAM module with FT as an ultra-low field–magnetic resonance imaging detector.


Int. J. Mag. Part. Imag. 5(1-2), 2019, Article ID: 1906001, DOI: 10.18416/IJMPI.2019.1906001

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