Vol 7 No 1 (2021): Int J Mag Part Imag


Research Articles

Deep image prior for 3D magnetic particle imaging: A quantitative comparison of regularization techniques on Open MPI dataset
Sören Dittmer, Tobias Kluth, Mads Thorstein Roar Henriksen, Peter Maass
Article-Views: 651  |  PDF-Downloads: 430
Spatial selectivity enhancement in magnetic fluid hyperthermia by magnetic flux confinement
Kulthisa Sajjamark, Jochen Franke, Heinrich Lehr, Rainer Pietig, Volker Niemann
Article-Views: 333  |  PDF-Downloads: 157
Synomag®: The new high-performance tracer for magnetic particle imaging
Patrick Vogel, Thomas Kampf, Martin Rückert, Cordula Grüttner, Anja Kowalski, Henrik Teller, Volker Behr
Article-Views: 834  |  PDF-Downloads: 643
2D projection image reconstruction for field free line single-sided magnetic particle imaging scanner: simulation studies
Carlos Chinchilla, Chris McDonough, Amanuel Negash, Jason Pagan, Alexey Tonyushkin
Article-Views: 382  |  PDF-Downloads: 259