International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging IJMPI
Vol. 9 No. 1 Suppl 1 (2023): Int J Mag Part Imag

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Single-sided magnetic particle imaging devices using ferrite core to improve penetration depth

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Qibin Wang (School of Life Science and Technology), Zhonghao Zhang , Chenxiao Xu , Pengyue Guo , Yidong Liao , Ning He , Yunpeng Gao , Lei Li , Shouping Zhu 

صندلی اداری سرور مجازی ایران Decentralized Exchange


Single-sided MPI devices provide an object unrestricted to the scanned area, but the inadequate penetration depth limits the application scenarios of single-sided MPI devices. In order to solve this problem, we propose adding a ferrite core to the coil to enhance the magnetic flux density. To improve the performance of the receiver coil, we use a spiral receiving coil to improve the sensitivity of the system. In addition, this work uses the Halbach array permanent magnets with adjustable magnetic block angle to generate a variable gradient magnetic field and move the FFP position. The single-sided MPI system we designed in this work is a portable device, which is expected to achieve more accurate detection of tumor location and minimal removal of normal cells during breast-conserving surgery. The feasibility of the device proposed in this work is verified through the analysis of simulation and measurement results.

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