International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging IJMPI
Vol. 9 No. 1 Suppl 1 (2023): Int J Mag Part Imag

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Optimization of the coprecipitation in the synthesis of SPIONs with rigorize control of process conditions

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Fatemeh Mirdavardoost (Institute of Medical Engineering, University of Lübeck), Kerstin Lüdtke-Buzug (Institute of Medical Engineering, University of Lübeck)


In this work, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles were synthesized using an alkaline coprecipitation. Two different bases (NaOH and NH3) were used. Furthermore, the influence of temperature on the properties of the products was investigated. Three different Dextran derivates were used as shell material for the syntheses. The products of the different syntheses were investigated by Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy (MPS) and Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS). The magnetic properties and the hydrodynamic diameter were used as quality criteria of the produced SPIONs. The results of this studies were evaluated and carefully compared.

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